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Whip it up, Asador-style

Since Donald Trump's too busy creating firestorms to do any firing, we tapped Asador's David Trubenbach to show you how to fire something yourself, and thereby become the King of All Backyard Barbecues. Check out the video above to watch Trubenbach school you in the process, and follow along with the quick primer below:1. Grill a salt/pepper-seasoned chicken breast until it's at least 165deg. Then fork-shred it into a bowl.2. Cook an ear of corn in boiling water for five minutes, then toss it on the grill; once it's charred on all sides, cut it off of the cob, and briefly ponder making a throwback pipe to go with those suspenders. Great purchase!3. Dial 1-900-MIX-A-LOT on the cheese, sour cream, salsa, corn, and chicken.4. Cut the tops off the poblanos, clean the insides, and stuff with the above; finish it off by closing the tops with a skewer & tossing them on the grill on low heat for 10-15min, 'til they're cooked, but not quite Amoroasted.