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Eat some very special cattle

Are you super-into Japanime? Then you'll be thrilled by the Village Marquee's new menu, until you discover that Akaushi isn't the name of a spiky-haired teenage boy who shoots puberty-powered sonic pulses out of his groin. Rather, it's the Kobe-like beef the former Marquee Grill has brought in for its steaks and signature burger. The full new menu -- and its Coffee-Ancho Chile Rabbit Tenderloin -- is right here, but hey, let's talk more about Akaushi

Translating as "red cow", Akaushi originally hails from the grazing grounds around Mt Aso, Japan's largest active volcano. The breed's rated two grades higher than US Prime, and for various reasons involving fatty acid composition, it's mad healthy

History's smallest trade loophole allowed a Lone Star rancher to bring just eight cows and three bulls back to Yoakum, TX in '94. The anger in Japan was apparently volcanic, with protestors literally lying down in front of the trucks

By design, these Texas Akaushi are a bit less fatty than their Japanese counterparts, but they're still super-marbled thanks to geneticist Dr. José Antonio Elias Calles, whose name's as big a mouthful as his product

The Beeman Ranch herd now numbers in the thousands, and is protected by off-duty Texas Rangers. If you go to you can see the bulls who sired your meal, including "Big Al", who's clearly already gone through puberty, and shoots something even more potent than sonic pulses.