Food & Drink

Figuring out what you want to eat

Far more complex and far less dictatorial than those "Beef: it's what's for dinner" commercials, is an algorithm-driven determiner of where exactly you want eat, built by "a collective of neuroscientists, artists, computer scientists, astrophysicists, business leaders and tech industry veterans"... and the dude who started the Aussie & New Zealander arms of yoga apparel line lululemon

What you do: You're presented a range of archetypical resto pictures, from formal, to intimate, to hipster. Click on the one that appeals to you, then select cuisine type (Mex, Asian, French...). Then choose any two restos you're into in any town Nara operates in (New Orleans! Vegas! Dallas!). Finally, choose how you would spend a day off, whether it's on a beach, staying at home, exercising, or eating yourself silly

What it does: Centered around a "neural network and deep web analysis", their proprietary back end architecture maps each user in such a way that it develops "a personal algorithm, but with no cold start problem" -- i.e., what happens when recommendation engines want to sleep with you without taking you out for a nice neural network and deep web analysis. Using this... stuff, it'll spit out suggestions from a 100s-strong list that covers the entire Metroplex, and even the McKinney-plex

They've also just launched an app for both iPhone and Android that uses the same metrics but adds a GPS component, eliminating the possibility of the message "Auckland: it's what's for dinner".