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Dan Quayle's worst nightmare

If potatoes weren't the most important foodstuff in human history, kids would spend hours cruelly yanking the facial features off "Mr. Kumquat". Plumping up that history to delicious dimensions: Potato Potahto, rolling out tomorrow.

Local-sourcing mostly from the Farmer's Market (and donating all unused produce to the homeless), this ode to starch and Fred Astaire comes from a man who grew up around the resto biz in East Texas, where hearty eating means pretty much nobody's dancing on air. The standard order's the Daily Double (sweet or baked russet loaded w/ your choice of four toppings), but to truly put your heart in jeopardy, go with the Potahto section, which involves one everyday offering (pecan-smoked brisket w/ pickled red onions & Rains County chili), plus daily specials like Wednesday's Chicken Fried Steak or Friday's Shrimp Jambalaya, because anything traditionally prepared in a cauldron is either good, or you.

For dessert, there's his mom's recipe for "Reba's Sweet Potato Pie" -- down a few of those, and you'll be left with no discernible facial features whatsoever.