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Sammies stuffed with more meat than... (your joke here)

Melted cheese. Meat. Technically that's all you need for a great sandwich, but if humans stopped at "need", we'd still be living in caves watching broadcast television, which is why Ruthie's Rolling Cafe's 2nd truck is taking cheesesteaks to the next level. Rolling this weekend, it's offering these options

Build Your Own: Go beef or chicken, then pile on toppings that range from classics (onion, bell pepper, 'shrooms), to new standards (pepperoni, pepperoncini, hatch chiles, peppadew), to the greatest song of all time, bacon (wanna take bacon a step further? Try this... interesting product)

Menu Standouts: Beyond the standbys, there's the teriyaki-drenched Mushroom Steak, the Italian (steak, onion, pepperoni, mozz, marinara), the Buffalo steak or chicken, and the steak, onion, bacon, and bleu Black and Blue, also a hit single off Van Halen's OU812, which interestingly enough, was a concept album about cheesesteaks.

Ruthie's Cheesesteak plans on attending every SMU home game for tailgating duty, and has a TV built into the side, so even if you just go for the vegetarian option (fried pickle spears), you won't miss Lee Corso, meaning you'll still get your meat and cheese.