Slingin' grilled sammies, wherever you are

The road's seen its fair share of food history -- In-N-Out planted America's first drive-thru on I-10 and Francisquito, and the world's first Caesar was created along the Appian Way, when some starch-starved traveler asked "Et tu, crouton?" For history even cheesier than that crouton line, hit Ruthie's Rolling Cafe.

Named after the grandmother of the owner (he also runs shindig-planning co. In Any Event), this big pink grilled cheese truck -- Dallas' first -- is the result of 8 months of research and auto-manipulation, with an assist provided by a vet from Twisted Root, a restaurant that always has a hilariously implausible story for the urologist. The checklist-style menu forces you into so many tough decisions, you'll swear the truck's named after Bader Ginsburg: start with breads from Empire Baking Company (SF-style sourdough, "Hippie Health" multigrain, jalapeno cheese, classic white), then check a cheese: sharp cheddar, American, pepper jack, or mozz. The meat of the matter's covered by turkey, ham, bacon, or chicken, while your choice of drenchings ranges from pesto, to Ruthie's "Secret" Slob Sauce, whose tendency to drip will make your slob-ness not-so-secret.

You can also top your 'wich with caramelized onions, grilled tomatoes, jalapenos, and/or pickles, or skip the choosing part and just go for a signature, like the chick/parm/alfredo "Italian Mob" and the Swiss/ham/Slob Sauce "Boss Hawg" -- a man who truly showed that driving while eating could be Hazzardous to your health.