Food & Drink

Big taste. Small stature.

Outdoing "Hair Force One" on the all-time-great punnily named businesses list is Short-n-Sweet: a partnership between entertainment company B3 Productions and their longtime employees, Pebbles and Bam (also a Mavs Maniac), who are not particularly tall, and are delivering ice cream to private functions, events, and festivals in a 1971 Chevy truck. Keep reading, because things are gonna get pretty weird:

Ice Cream: They searched all over for the right product, finally settling on a paleta outfit (for various reasons they refuse to disclose which one, but feel free to bribe them for the info, probably not by offering them ice cream) whose flavors include cinnamon-tinged rice pudding, vanilla raisin, pecan, cookies 'n cream, pina colada, and watermelon so fresh "you might find a seed in it".

The Oddest Toppings Ever: Thanks to the entertainment biz tie-in, you can request "almost anything legal" to accompany these guys, like burlesque acts, fire performers, Hawaiian dancers, mimes, monkeys, or even Briefcase Blues, a Blues Brothers tribute who've been at it since 1983, back when Hair Force One was operated by Braniff. Are you not a-Muse-d?!