Slinging more tortillas than Tech fans

Proving that laying siege to a city doesn't mean you want to starve it: So-Cal Tacos, now rolling in FW, and soon to hit Grapevine, Addison, Las Colinas, etc., as it works towards Dallas-proper permits. How this came about: after surviving an '08 bout with a very rare and not-particularly-pleasant cancer, owner Scott Wooley had an "awakening", which included the realization that he wanted to nourish people instead of properties (he'd been in new-home sales) via a menu evoking him and his wife's time living in Laguna Niguel, and a truck, "Woody", decked out like the classic Surf Utility Vehicle, complete with a 1960 Hobie board bolted to the side.

How, specifically, you will be fed:

Fish Tacos: The pride of the ride is the Game Changer, with honey chipotle grilled salmon, feta, romaine, and cilantro aioli; there's also the similarly dressed Laguna (shrimp), and, with panko-battered fish, the San Diego Classic, pisces-praise that's really going to piss off the Padre's chicken.

Land-Locked Tacos & Burritos: Grab a Newport (chargrilled steak, onion, cilantro), a Border Town (black bean) or a Del Mar, actually made with chicken despite meaning "of the sea", which is really going to piss off Bill Parcells.

The truck's also carrying Boylan's Vintage Soda (tough to find here, easy to find in NY/NJ -- where it's tough to find you), used to wash down Killer Salsa, made from scratch each day along with the guac. Grab a side of rice & beans, and your hefty meal will force you to learn the literal translation of siege: "to sit".