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Dallas's new foodie central

Always wanted to be on Iron Chef, but afraid you'd look huge on TV because you're constantly eating the things you want to competitively cook? Then hit up the 3015 at Trinity Groves culinary center. The food-minded complex's first opening is run by Milestone Culinary Arts' Sharon Van Meter (Le Cordon Bleu Paris grad, Food Network project developer, prez of the TX Chefs Association) and instructor Andre Bedouret, a Master Chef judge soon headed to Erfurt, Germany to compete in the Culinary Olympics, where a Spice Girls reunion would actually add flavor. Your opportunities

Stainless Steel Chef Competition: Structured as a team-building exercise for companies or enthusiasts, this involves turning four ingredients into something tasty within 40min on one of their eight super high-end Bertazzoni stoves, though do you really want that sassy Two and A Half Men housekeeper anywhere near your edibles

Culinary Classes: Chef Bedouret contends there's "no reason anyone willing to cook can't do a meal that's better than any restaurant", and will also debunk myths about "unhealthy" food like butter. He plans on being up close and personal, so it's a good thing he's even more attractive than Michelle Pfeiffer

Fundraisers & Other Dinners: Their kitchen's big enough to require a $40k ventilation hood, so you know they can cook for 4-500 people at once, making your 40min-for-one-dish cheffing seem not very Iron at all.