Food & Drink

From Pacific NW to NW Plano

Even though Texas' motto is "Put a bird on it, and we'll shoot it", Portland's Henry's Tavern has decided to open up a second location in -- of all places -- Plano, announcing its intentions with a wall of kegs that guard the entryway like the least effective deterrents ever. The sprawling, brick-accented interior's centered around a 100-tap rectangular bar stationed under a sextet of flat-screens, which will seem like a dozen-tet after you suck down locals like Velvet Hammer & Hopp Trapp, Greater Texans like Devil's Backbone and Rio Blanco, and nationals like Ballast Point Calico, Breckenridge Agave, and Oregon's Rogue Dead Guy

As in PDX they make their global pub fare from scratch, but're tweaking the menu slightly to harness the awesome power of regional ingredients, starting right at home with the Kuby's cased meat they use in Hank's Beer Brat, their Louisiana Hot Link, and "The Dirty Dog". This Hank character's got more dishes on this menu too, notably a burger topped with St. Arnold-braised onions & Stone Smoked Porter mustard, and stuffed with mozz and pepperoncinis. Things get somewhat Tex-Mexy with Blue Moon-battered cod street tacos, and pretty Irish with bangers & mash, one dish that isn't afraid to announce its intentions.