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The Ziziki's crew takes One Arts

Expanding their Greek empire, Ziziki's owners Costas and Mary Arabatzis have taken over the Commissary spot in One Arts, offering both chef-driven Medi comfort food, and Jason Kosmas cocktails at an L-shaped marble bar, in whose limestone-backed 8ft mirror you'll look loads better after a few on-the-rocks. What they're getting up to:Meze: Greek tapas count chickpea & leak confit, artichoke hummus, breaded eggplant, and smelt fish, which'll make everyone assume you also ordered the dealt fish.Pitas: The mainstay here is "chef-driven gyros", from up-scaled classics like sliced leg of lamb, chicken thigh marinated in olive oil & garlic, and grilled salmon in tzitziki, to originals such as one with polenta, hummus, and a fried egg topping Cognac-marinated steak that proves you're down with V.S.O.P.Beverages: Kosmas tapped his Greek roots for the likes of El Grecko (tequila, mandarin, agave, ouzo), and the Metaxa/vermouth/pom Constantinople, which despite its Greek Fire got the works, but that's nobody's business but the Turks.