Food & Drink

Uptown gets beer, bangers, and a dry sense of humour

Offering Dallas 50 draughts instead of comedies of manners set in drafty country manors, BBC comes from the folks behind Sherlock's, who've created a sprawling, wood-floored slice of Jolly Ole equipped with two stone bars, a stage for live music, and a private back room boasting a wooden Union Jack, which explains why his Hoffa performance got nominated for a Razzie.

Eats kick off with a hard-boiled quail Scotch Egg, and a dish that results from Van Damme drinking in a sauna: beer steamed mussels. Then there's The Big English Burger (bacon, sharp cheddar, crispy onion straws, and a fried egg), "redefined fish & chips" like pan-seared, herb brioche-crusted halibut, and Brit classics including proper shepherd's pie (with actual lamb), Cumberland sausage bangers & mash, and chicken tikka masala -- so popular in England, a foreign minister once called it "a perfect illustration of the way Britain absorbs and adapts external influences". Well, that and having a really boss navy

Cocktails count the Prince Albert (vodka, Pimm's, cream of coconut, topped w/ chocolate stout, not served in a can) and the Barrel of Monkeys (Scotch w/ Lillet Blanc, rock candy syrup, pineapple, rhubarb bitters, Prosecco). Those draughts range from Texans like DEBC & St Arnold, to nationals like Bear Republic Racer 5 & North Coast Old Rasputin, to Brits like Well's Bombardier and Fuller's London Porter, insouciant porters of course being the most hilarious characters the BBC has to offer.