Food, coffee, energy drinks

Because people who work love coffee and sandwiches, Memoria MiNi Cafe's one half of a complex that also includes a freelancers' office space. At launch, they're 6a-10p, but'll soon ramp up to 24hrs, as sometimes (only sometimes) Big Bites bite. This is one of the owners. His name is "Legendary Gringo", and he says things like "Arriving to work on Monday morning without a story to share is simply unacceptable behavior". Colombia is a good place to collect stories that involve other kinds of unacceptable behavior. It's also where they procure a custom bean blend made exclusively for them. You can drink it inside, on a patio chair, or take it home in a sack.Do you like apples? They've also got their very own energy drink that tastes like, well, apples, and has even more caffeine than Red Bull. It's almost certainly Uptown's first energy drink, even though no one's made a specialty martini with it yet. That'll hopefully change by this weekend.Hungry? They've got these Americanized arepas made from freshly pressed cornmeal...... that they stuff with things like tuna salad and southwest chicken, which desperately fears the chaos of no-assigned-seating.Just one thing: it's a cashless operation, so rememoria to bring your plastic.