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Greenville is crawling with hookahs

While Lower Greenville does have fine hookah restos and lounges, it didn't have a spot for those times when you really want exotic tobacco, but aren't up for a nice restaurant or plush lounge environment with chic furniture & people wearing shirts with buttons on them. Thankfully, Qariah solves that aching void

From a Lebanese family who made their mark running fast-food restos and quickie marts, this booth-lined, colorfully tiled spot is more casual diner than lounge, while its sidewalk patio is more sidewalk patio than not-sidewalk-patio. Once you've puffed your cheeks full of sweet aromas, dig into a straight up Leb menu stocked with spicy hummus and baba ghannouj, plus more filling stuff like arayes (meat-stuffed pita), shish kabab & tawook (that's chicken), various pies (zatar, spinich, cheese...), kafta wraps, and lamb shanks, which is what happens when good puppets go to prison

Everything can be tweaked to order with toppers from cuke to jalapenos, and they've also Arabic coffee to pair with desserts of kanafeh, baklava, and other things that'll ensure that, if your shirt has buttons when you arrive, it won't when you leave.