A real-life Blues Brother does BBQ

Bringing hickory-smoked Midwestern BBQ to Trinity Groves via Phil Romano's incubator project, Mike Babb's continuing a tradition he started with his brothers back in Topeka, where they had..

... a resto called Babb Boys, played in a blues band, and coached basketball, but did not live in Apt. 23. Come in expecting dry-rubbed beef ribs & brisket, house specialty pulled pork & smoked meatloaf, cheesy masheds, banana pudding, and..

Signs. Because Mike believes "every good barbecue place has got signs on the wall". Once the TABC license arrives, instead of trying to drink them, you'll suckle Corona buckets, a Four Corners tap, and "classic, cold" margaritas

You can also never have too many picnic tables to listen to live blues at. Sometimes Babb himself will play. Babs will not, as that bunny only sings Tiny Tunes

Want to try out for Mike's "S'more Blues Band"? Grab one of these off the wall, then apologize and offer to play mouth-harp.