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Gourmet crepes, from a drive-thru

Because you shouldn't have to get your French fix in a fancy restaurant, delightful cafe, or veterinarian specializing in poodles, hit Flippin' Out Crepes & Coffee; helmed by a chef whose resume ranges from 5-star resorts in Cali and Montana, to Bailey's Prime, to being Tyson Chandler's personal toque-monsieur, it's Dallas's (and perhaps America's) first drive-thru creperie, with a locally sourced, from-scratch menu served out of a place about the size of a 1hr-photo stand. Breakfast numbers include the Bellaire (smoked lox, egg, shaved red onion, cream cheese), the Kingsville (marinated grilled steak, egg, cheddar), and the Laredo, with potato, egg, smoked cheddar, and roasted pasilla peppers, as Padilla peppers simply don't bring enough heat, what with the Eephus and all. Afternoon savories run from the Gulf Coast (sautéed shrimp, lump crab, roasted pasilla, Pontchartrain cream sauce), to the non-geographic Tyson Chandler, with roasted chicken, spinach, mushrooms, bacon-cheese sauce, genuine excitement about playing defense, and 1/12th of James Harden's beard.

If you're putting off that diet 'til winter-coat season, sweet teething's handled by offerings like the Tiramisu (espresso-laced mascarpone, chocolate, caramel sauce), and the banana, strawberry, and chocolate hazelnut, Mr. Fluffy, it's an Italian alternative to peanut butter. You're thinking of neuticles.