Food & Drink

It's kinda what it sounds like

Whoever said you can't go home again clearly wasn't talking about John Longstreet, who's done it twice, leaving his birthplace of Sharon, PA to enter the Texas hospitality industry and eventually become a two-term mayor of Plano, heading back to Sharon to become CEO of Quaker Steak & Lube, and now finally bringing that chain to TX, starting in Carrollton. Opening tomorrow at 3p, the resto's sort of exactly what it sounds like, displaying vehicular art like a '78 Stingray, a pair of NASCAR rides, and a couple of suspended motorcycles (octane doping: it's ruining the sport), and offering...Wings: They've got 22 flavors (see 'em all here), ranging from Tequila Lime BBQ, to Atomic, to 500k SHU Triple Atomic ("Guts! Glory! Pain!"), to Buckeye BBQ, a sauce that goes great on an Urban Meyer wiener. Steakburgers & More: Grab USDA numbers like a GTO patty "rimmed" in cracked black pepper, smothered in Louisiana Lickers sauce, and topped with cheddar-jack and an inch-thick onion ring. Or snag anything from a 28-day-aged Thunderbird Steak sided by crispy shrimp, to a BBQ cheesesteak also topped with "O-rings", to an environmentally friendly (for the planet that is your body) Pan-Asian Salmon Bowl.Beverages: Fuel good times with generously spiked Lube-N-Ades, Torqued Up Teas, Fuel Line Freeze-Ups, and Lube Bombs, ensuring you won't be able to find home again.