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Yes you will have prosciutto on that burger

If appearances meant everything, then right about now Dennis Kucinich would be waking up next to a woman who looked like Dennis Kucinich. The lesson? Ignore the fact that the Lover's Pizza guy's new restaurant, Benny's Classic Grill, is set in an old Arby's, and prepare to globally stuff your face

After a trip to his native Slovenia, Benny decided his second restaurant would be vastly improved if he imported meats & cheeses from neighboring Italy to supplement TX farm goods, and also imported an old friend who'd spent three decades working restaurants in Trieste to help oversee the kitchen. For crispiness, pie dough's pre-cooked before being topped with the likes of mozz, goat cheese, prosciutto, marinated artichoke hearts, grilled eggplant, or, on one tasty number, lemon dill cream sauce, smoked salmon & grilled shrimp, which is probably pelted with questions like "how'd you get such a hot wife when you're so tiny, Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio?" The burger army's enlisted an Italian topped with prosciutto, Genoa salami, Provolone, and Cabernet vinaigrette (cabaret vinaigrette left the burger feeling undressed), a feta-stuffed lamb number slathered in red pepper spread, and a breaded-n-spiced ground chicken breast naughty liberated enough to take on both Parm and mozz

They're also serving paninis loaded with Mediterranean goodness, and regionally inspired flatbreads like the New York NY Cheeseburger. Oh, and they'll be BYOB for the time being -- so in a very short time, you might not be waking up at all.