Serving Downtown's tastiest Jabberwocky

Alice in Wonderland might be history's most influential children's book -- just take a listen to "White Rabbit" by Grace Slick, who's been making hatters look sane since 1965. Creating a wonderland of food to shove down your rabbit hole, Madhatter Café, soft-open Thursday.

The first indie venture from a trio of yeast-loving lifers, this "gourmet quick-serve" bakery-bistro serves Farmers' Market-sourced creations in a whimsical space bedecked with everything from Dali-esque, presumably backwards-running clocks to something also found on the WaPo editorial page -- a caricature-driven tea party sketch. The menu's "as vegetarian friendly as three carnivores could make" (about 25%), starting with breakfast items ranging from Pig and Pepper GIANT Kolaches (smoked sausage, roasted chiles, and cheese in a housemade croissant) to homemade sticky buns that're batter dipped, grilled, and topped w/ cinnamon butter and powdered sugar, or Bert's bones when he actually tried to fight. For lunch, try an UnBurger (ground turkey, bean sprouts, avocado, brie, A. Bauer's mustard), a brisket-stuffed baked potato, or a Salvadoran-style tamale they say's "The Queen of Hearts' Favorite" -- that is unless you choose the pork filling over the seasonal vegetables.

They also offer loads of teas and coffee sourced from a personal-friend Laotian farmer, plus cookies, brownies, personal-sized creme brulees, cheesecake, and even wedding cakes -- careful though, 'cause once you go down that rabbit hole, your head will be cut off.