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Now it's a straight shot to the most interesting meat in town

Fraternity: sometimes it's about humiliating that stupid Dean Wormer, and sometimes it's about brothers Ben and Jon Lee expanding their Korean-American-Mexican fusion venture, setting up a 2nd shop right off Bush in Carrollton. Here's what you'll be eating a Carroll-ton of

These kimchi fries' thinness makes them more resistant to soggification, a good thing, since you'll spend forever deciding among..

Burgers: Armed with new buns designed to stay firm with help from the miraculous Shake Weight system when doused with family recipe marinades and sauces, these include the eponymous LA (kimchi, teriyaki, cheese, fried egg), the Coreano (bulgogi, kimchi, cheese), and the turkey patty/ Swiss/ avo/ cucumber 3 Strikes

Not Burgers: Stuff yourself with "Asian Tacos" (bulgogi, dejigogi, or teriyaki chicken), open wide for the Seoul Dog (think chili dog, but with bulgogi & kimchi), or go with the b-gogi/onions/peppers/shrooms/provolone LA Cheese Steak -- because while fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, no one said anything about just plain fat.