Food & Drink

Just your typical grass-fed free-range drive-thru

While some fast-food companies busy themselves impersonating teenage girls on Facebook, Start, opening late next week on Greenville Ave, is intent on maturing the industry by giving Dallasites "real food fast". Founded by a former Big Oil attorney and designed by Plan B (Velvet Taco, Oak), this drive-thru/counter-service spot is far slicker than your typical operation, with a wood & steel, modern-cabin facade complete with fan/heater-equipped wraparound patio, and an interior illuminated by icosikaidi-shaped lights (it means 22-sided -- suck on that, Dungeons & Dragons)

The day... Starts with healthier takes on breakfast staples, like a major McMuffin upgrade with organic cage-free eggs, cheddar & Applewood smoked bacon, a similarly constituted breakfast burrito, and veggie-sausage-stuffed Silver Dollar Pancake Sandwiches

For lunch, dinner, or "oops I missed breakfast", go for a cheddar/goat cheese/baked chicken whole-wheat empanada slathered in cilantro cream sauce, a Savory Tater (baked sweet loaded w/ chicken, spinach, bleu cheese & from-scratch buttermilk dressing), or the bacon/white-cheddar/avo/house dijonnaise Badder Better Burger, which uses nitrite-/hormone-free, grass-fed, free-range Burgundy Pastures beef, as opposed to the Breaking Badder Better Burger, which you can't eat, because meth took all your teef

As for liquidity, there'll be wine and local craft beers, plus coffee that's organic, shade-grown, and fair trade -- presumably meaning its marketing campaign doesn't include an "OMG Y'ALL THIS COFFEE IS SO GOOD, DERRRRRRR" Facebook post.