Food & Drink

A place to play with your putter. And eat.

Because a little change is all that guy wanted when he sprayed dirty water on your windshield good from time to time, head to 18th Hole, a sports restaurant (and bar) teeing up tomorrow in the decades-old Aparicio's space. Complete with a pool table and flatscreens that'll have a special fondness for all racing besides NASCAR (F1, ALMS, Indy), the place is stuffed with:Memorabilia: Everything's for sale, from framed flags from the past eight years of The Masters, to Texas Stadium seats affixed with tickets for each Super Bowl the Cowboys have won, to "Hero Cards": actual playing cards with caricatures like Emmitt, Dave Winfield, and... that girl from Remember the Titans who turned out to be hot despite not getting any taller?Eats: Because Plano folks "have a muscle memory" for Aparicio's, old standbys (Gra'ma Aparicio's Famous Tamales, lengua...) remain, but are now accompanied by everything from bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin w/ serrano-cherry coulis to Londoner-Style Fish and Chips -- so finally, Britain's stealing one of our awesome TV shows, and adding fish to it.Booze: Suck down the Lee Trevino (teq, OJ, pineapple, Blu energy drink, grenadine), the DP/Red Stag Birdie, and the "favorite of cocktail waitresses worldwide": the 151/Captain/frozen fruit punch Tiger Woods -- who got caught spraying something dirty soon after he had those issues seeing out of his windshield.