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Halal night long

Except that time the Kardashians all bought into the notion that Kim's video debut was good for business, families rarely agree on anything, so while the clan behind Richardson's Diced knew their restaurant would be all-Halal, they didn't limit themselves to dishes traditionally cooked under those laws, instead letting everyone add their favorites to the menu. That means if you want bihari or seekh kebabs, you got 'em in either beef or chicken so hot you'll have to drink a gallon of water, and then your mouth will still burn because water doesn't really help that much. Tandoori-assisted Northern Indian continues with dal fry (a lentil dish, not a Dallas restaurant that should probably consider also serving burgers) and karahi chicken or beef, while Asia makes its presence felt with everything from beef stir fry to Manchurian chicken, who is afraid to assassinate people even when brainwashed. Stretching the concept stateside, they've got chicken wings, and even a Philly cheesesteak, full of flavor even your brother will love.