A deluxe watering hole in the sky

Flinging their doors open for the very first time today, NYLO SouthSide's Terrace Bistro and SODA Bar, aiming to be a better one-two punch than Dallas boxer Errol Spence's (yeah, no medals, but he will still smash your face). The facilities

Terrace Bistro: With a staggering collection of local art (see a bunch of that right here) gracing its limited wall space (it's totally open save for the building's sides), the lobby restaurant is running everything from prosciutto-wrapped quail, to glazed duck breast with coffee goat cheese polenta cake, to grass-fed beef tenderloin with a sage demi that probably should've known better than to shack up with a young stud like Ashton

SODA Bar: The roof is not on fire, because just past a canopied patio covered with couches and fauxl grass, there's an infinity pool overlooking downtown. Contemplate that infinity over a spiced Rum Roller enhanced with St. Germain, strawberry, cucumber, and sauvignon blanc; a Boren Alley hopped up on tequila, grapefruit juice, cucumber, vermouth & mint; or a vodka, rosemary & grapefruit Salty Kiss, something you'll likely get one-two punched for attempting to secure.