Food & Drink

Uptown Dallas, Downtown New York

New York's Bowery's reputation was built on brothels and flophouses (which, considering what booze does to a hobo's man-parts, could be one and the same), but it's also famed for possibly being the first place frankfurters were sold in America. Opening Wednesday on McKinney Ave from members of the Oak and Campo teams, Bowery is pushing 'furter tradition far beyond pushcarts, serving up organic, grass-fed-beef dogs in a space Coeval Studios designed in anti-kitsch fashion, with pine contrasting antique mirrors and huge B&W photos of the famed stretch in all its lowbrow glory

Wrapped in daily baked bread, styles run from the battered-chicken Buffalo, to the baguette'd Overstuffed Dutchman (aioli, smoked bacon, chives, cheese sauce, w/ waffle fries), to the Duo of Duck (duck sausage, seared foie gras, blueberry jam, scallions), to a number with grits-style cornmeal and house mustard called the Korn Dog -- a nü-fangled creation that fortunately isn't made out of Munky

Just in case the buzz of a good wiener's not enough for you, they've gone full-tilt on tipples like the Bowery Brawl (porter, bourbon, maple syrup), the Blueberry Foam (champagne, blueberry vodka, egg white, cherry syrup), and the St. Germain/prosecco Hummingbird -- also an anti-flopping specialty at those brothels on the Bowery.