This E is totally Primo

Now open on the outskirts of Uptown, from the same guy who brought us Primo's back in '86: E Bar Tex Mex, a brick-lined neighborhood hangout anchored by a 25ft, wood-topped, mirror-backed bar, and equipped with a patio but no valet so "you don't have to spend so much before you get in", which is pretty much all a guy wants to hear on a first date. No, third date.If you want to get down with tacos, go for a blackened tilapia number with corn-avo pico remoulade and Oaxaca cheese, a brisket/poblano combo, or an also-remoulade'd grilled shrimp & bacon, thankfully cooked at more than six degrees. Step outside the shell with grilled shrimp alambres (six juicy ones on a kebab) or pollo a la parilla: chicken stuffed with spinach, poblano, bacon, Jack, onions, and a handful of those things you convinced yourself it was okay to trip on because they're "natural" ('shrooms).Morning people... are just the worst, but if you are one, go for anything from breakfast burritos to huevos rancheros served over carne guisada. As for the reason you're not a morning person, they do all margaritas from scratch, and serve up plenty of Mexican beers, making things more enjoyable whether you're on your first date, your third, or just staring at that stud in the mirror behind the bar.