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Former ZaZa chef ready to strip for you

Instead of creating food that goes "Pow! Bang! Pop!", heroically named Adam West is shooting for "Sizzle!", with his food truck Unforsacon Bacon. Coming off an exec chef stint at Houston's Hotel ZaZa (and a guest stint at NYC's James Beard House), the Dallas native wanted to take a step away from fine dining, and toward his "favorite porky delicacy", which he sources locally, and complements with bread from Garland's La Francaise bakery. The menu changes seasonally, but you can look forward to stuffing your maw with such pig-blessed hits as:

  • The applewood-smoked Unforsacon BLT on sourdough, whose butter lettuce actually looks better close up
  • The Portobello-Bacon Patty Melt
  • The aged cheddar Bacon eh? Grilled Cheese, which uses Canadian bacon, in keeping with NAFTA's sister treaty, NFATA
  • $2 Barbacoa-Bacon Tacos
  • Just straight-up Bacon

The truck'll rove between some pretty interesting locations, from Lakewood Brewing, to Builders Surplus, to the Garland Public Shooting Range -- between bacon and bullets, that'll be one seriously Pleasant Valley.