Food & Drink

For starters, he's throwing a dinner just for you

DAT. He earned his reputation by throwing Underground Dinners, and having an acronym that could easily be rapped by Treach. Then he took time off to work on Mason Bar, but ended up missing those clandestine feasts so much he decided to go back to them, refocusing his efforts with plans to expand to New Orleans and Honolulu, and to make even the Dallas affairs so Top Secret, not even Val Kilmer will know what's up, which sucks for him, because he loves eating.

To help increase the hush-hush, DAT will soon launch a system where only those who've paid for a membership get access to info about upcoming events, but because you're reading/skimming this, you can bypass all that. Here's how:

DAT's throwing a dinner on Thursday the 22nd, just for Thrillisters. There are only 36 seats total, so to get in on it, be among the first to email your desire to attend, and you and a +1 will be put on the list. Be sure to include the subject line "Where It's DAT", so he'll know where you're coming from, and that you're super into Beck, or at least don't mind when your emails make you seem that way.

Whether or not you end up securing a seat for this dinner, by emailing in with dat password, you'll be given a complimentary membership. If you want dat membership but can't make this dinner, email and tell him, and you'll be set up. Do it right away though, because the password's only good for a short period, after which you're SOL, even if you're a/the Saint.