Here're the five biggest openings of the year -- feast on it!

Russell's Smokehouse: Another highlight in The Bonanno Empire's well-frosted hairdo, 84-seat Russell's is outfitted with a bartop from a "Denver '20s gin joint" & schoolhouse chairs, and plates meats cooked over smoky chips...more

The Uber Sausage: Run by a dude intent on bringing Denver creative sausages inspired by his Swiss grandpa, Uber plates organic brats (fantastically dressed up with flavors from "European street food") inside a 41-seat, "primarily takeout" joint...more

Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs: A mobile food mainstay since the fall of '05, former repo-man and No Reservations-featuree Biker Jim is just now opening a garage door-accessed, 61-seat dog dojo with an open kitchen (to bring the street food feeling inside)...more

Lou's Food Bar: Frank Bonanno's newest, Lou's is a rustic 98-seater rocking walls scrawled with select hand-written menu offerings and a wood-accented ceiling, and boasting a menu that represents his "take on American country food with French style"...more

TAG Raw Bar: The newest from the TAG's big-swinging owners is decked with orange diner chairs, white marble, and 1850s brick, and boasts an intriguing menu on which "technically nothing is cooked in an oven or open flame"...more

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