Food truckin' through time

Following in your parents' footsteps is sometimes easiest, especially if your parents were expert trackers, and you've inherited a keen eye for freshly snapped twigs. For a food truck following a parentally blazed trail: RollinGreens

Piloted by a chef whose parents once ran a same-named munch mobile in the '70s, RG's a converted 24ft cargo trailer now roaming Boulder in search of needy mouths to stuff with local/ organic eats ranging from the insanely meaty to the macrobiotic and gluten-free, so, did you hear that part about the insanely meaty? Said mouthwatering sinew comes in the form of maple sesame or BBQ Wisdom Farms chicken wings, as well as heartier options like a Wyoming farm-sourced burger stuffed with roasted poblano chiles/ Tillamook cheddar, "very thin and tender" Bulgogi beef with sticky rice and fresh kim chi, and a tuna salad with pico de gallo and Swiss served open-faced on potato bread, called the Hot Tuna Melt Down, or what happens if they run out of weed backstage. Against all odds, the non-meat stuff sounds good too, running from the tried-but-true Ko's Grilled Cheese, to a grain/bean dish in their special miso-tahini sauce, to smoked seitan rolled in poblano chiles/ butternut squash and wrapped in phyllo dough, which ironically, they'll be rolling in should you buy enough

And to help you gluttonously recover from the above healthiness, the truck also packs a 40gal fryer ready to pump out bean 'n meat deep-fried tacos -- though be warned, eating them'll allow even the untrained to easily sniff out your trail.