Native American nosh

Ask for a reservation at modern Southwestern restaurant Kachina, and they'll be all "How dare you? Those are sacred and valuable tracts of land that belong to our people!". Then Westminster's creators of Native American-influenced cuisine will realize you just meant a table in advance, and all will be forgiven.With walls meant to "emulate early adobe architecture", they've got enough mouth-watering eats to ensure you become Dances With No One, including apps like blue corn fried oysters, buffalo picadillo empanadas with chipotle agave, boar cheek croquettes, and a Blue Corn Dog with lamb sausage under green chile mustard. Larger plates vary from grilled options like a 21-day, dry-aged bison cowboy ribeye and traditional pork posole rojo, to seven varieties of Navajo tacos made with fry bread, like The Gaucho with slow-braised lamb/ smoked tomato aioli/ Brussels slaw, and the epazote braised beef/ black bean puree Texan, which you'll damn sure rate higher than a lone star.Boozewise, there're specialty 'tails like the anejo/ Domaine de Canton/ amaro/ candied ginger "Weeping Guitar", 16 taps mostly spouting local crafts, and bottles like Sante Fe Brewing's Happy Camper, aka what you'll be once you lock down that ressy.