Repping CO SO hard

Flippantly ignoring Biggie's admonition to "Never get high on your own supply" is Cedar Creek Pub, who're actually quite boastfully high on their locally sourced ingredients, and serve them in an oak-floored, 120-seater relying on goods from not one or two CO operations (like some pretenders), but from 34, including 10 breweries, six distilleries, and so many coffee/ bread/ meat/ dairy producers that "some say [they] overdid it". Blasphemy!!

As the name suggests, the restaurant is a floating barge on Cedar Creek pub food abounds, with apps like a 1lb order of dry-rubbed, garlic Parmesan/ ghost pepper wings, Gorgonzola fondue with thin-sliced potatoes for dipping, and fish street tacos made with grilled cod/ cabbage/ tomatoes/ cilantro lime cream. Mains include burgers topped with bacon/ ham/ egg (and sauces like green chili or bourbon), Dale's-battered fish & chips, and a 6oz coulotte steak glazed with bourbon from Dancing Pines, presumably so named because it produces the one thing capable of making them a little less stiff (hey, it works on white people!).

For liquor not made into a glaze, but in fact intended to be consumed as is, there are inventive house cocktails like a PB&J martini with Nutliquor peanut butter vodka and Chambord, and a Breck bourbon and Rocky Mtn ginger beer concoction called Horses Neck -- try 'em all after egg-burgering, then hit on whoever's there, and your friends will be asking "Biggie, can't you see?".