An ancient space is brought to life by a ghost...and beer

Naming your restaurant after a ghost can be ill-advised: 1) you may scare away customers, and 2) you may attract annoying, health-conscious customers looking for supernatural foods. Betting that they're awesome enough to overcome both: Ghost Plate & Tap

A Breckenridge Brewery/ Wynkoop collab located in the ex-Rocky Mountain Diner space, the 176-seat GP&T's actually named after real estate maven Allen M. Ghost, and serves up dressed-up diner favorites under "retro lighting fixtures" and "rich wood", because you know trees always got mad paper. If you're dead-set (!) on apps, they've got a charcuterie platter (pancetta/ onion cheese spread/ soft pretzel sticks/ brats/ artichoke hearts/ pickled veggies), Rockin' Ronnie's Steamin' Clams Casino shipped "direct from Cape Cod" & stuffed with rendered bacon bits, and broiled, bacon-wrapped oysters called Angels on Horseback (so even the most inexperienced riders can just wing it). Dinner highlights include black mussels cooked in agave wheat with chorizo, a flatiron steak sandwich with grilled onions/ bleu cheese crumbles/ horseradish sour cream, and their signature dish: charbroiled, cherry demi-glazed elk medallions, which are not to be confused with the awards those secretive lodges give out for [redacted]

For drinks, they've got a slew of cocktails with housemade mixes, and 20+ taps including their own brews like Wynkoop's Tiger Root Beer and Breck's 471 IPA, "U P, A?" being what people ask you after you're startled by the mention of a ghost.