Latin American food, European feel

Seeing Latin American culture through a European lens is nothing new: just read any old Eurocentric history textbook, or go to Latin America after buying glasses from an expensive European optometrist. Now Richard Sandoval's getting in on the action too, with Al Lado

The Man's newest Riverfront Park resto is parked next to his muy popular Zengo, and serves up tapas and vino as an "homage to a new generation of Latin winemakers" from Chile/ Spain/ Argentina, but does so with a "European wine bar" space that's all dark woods & fabrics, communal seating, and chalkboard menus. The bottles "might be otherwise elusive" (... even to you still, as they're offering the entire list by the glass as well), with 80% of 'em Latin, from Argentinian Malbecs & Pinot Noirs, to a Chilean Cabernet/ Syrah; plus, like a career-shifting Dylan, they're bringing it all back home with Californians like a Chard or Pinot Noir from their own label. Share/refuse to share tapas like baby squid/ blood orange, and carnivorous choices like filet mignon skewers aside Cabrales cheese sauce/ merguez sausage and short rib-stuffed piquillos

And Al Lado didn't forget about sangria, serving variations with tequilas, Shiraz, and all manner of fruitiness (from mangos, to oranges, to blackberry brandy liqueur), ensuring that things'll look all blurry even with your new specs.