You won't believe your eyes/mouths

The dictionary defines "molecular gastronomy" as "the application or study of scientific practices in cooking", a definition which -- when looked at next to Ian Kleinman's insane new molecular gastronomy dinner menu -- proves once and for all that food is way more interesting than English

For nine nights starting next Friday, the Inventing Room owner is taking over Studio F with a crazily inventive a la carte supper including 14 small plates and numerous cocktails like

"Maple Mark": Kleinman gave a cotton candy machine to his kids (/their dentist) as an Xmas present, and is now smartly taking it back to concoct maple cotton candy, which he'll mix with Maker's & liquid nitrogen-cooled ginger beer, then serve in a glass rimmed with powdered lime juice

Lobster crepe with black truffle "caviar", Mornay sauce, and saltwater bubbles: Black truffles are blended and molded into a caviar-like shape, while the bubbles (meant to evoke "sandy beaches") are made by feeding egg-white powder/"xanthan gum" through an aquarium's bubble-maker, resulting in spheres that "hold themselves for a while like soap bubbles", so expect this dish to be Dial-ed in

Sous vide spiced beef shoulder with baked potato stuffed mushroom/ candied shallot/ smoked pudding: If you haven't heard about this techy new cooking method that's all the rage yet, then you've probably been stuck inside an oven for days and cooked at exactly 124 degrees

That not enough for you? How about liquid nitrogen bruschetta popcorn, a cucumber-rita with jalapeno bubbles, and lump crab creme brulee -- just a smattering of the delicious offerings that'll work to make you anything but defined.