Charlie Palmer comes to LoDo

For a luxury brand to grow in today's slowing economy, sometimes it has to offer something more accessible, which explains why the ramp industry is killinggg itttt. For a high-end restaurateur ramping up something a little more casual: check out District Meats.Charlie Palmer's newest, District Meats is sneaking up on LoDo's old Big Game space all quiet-like with a relaxed eatery "focused on local and affordable cuts", revamping it with subway tiling, barn sign lamps, and found chairs and banquettes, though they're "saving cost on décor in order to put a higher-quality product on the plate". Like the basketball team at your fat camp, they've got meaty starters, which include harissa-marinated beef skewers served with cucumber raita, veal and ricotta meatballs with fontina polenta, crispy pig trotters with a poached farm egg, and a ham hock minestrone. Even more meat is available on their big plates, which makes sense, so prepare for braised veal shoulder with crispy veal sweetbreads, a seared tri-tip steak served with onion jam, the Really Crisp Chicken with shallots/ garlic, and a Kansas City strip for two -- strange, as when Jackie Battle gets stripped, it's usually for six.Since the space they're taking over is absolutely humongous, they'll also be opening a conjoined sister resto in December called Wazee Wood-Fired Pizza, which, if you eat at District Meats enough, will hopefully have ramp access.