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Tacos and tequila in LoDo

You say tomay-to, I say tomah-to, but who cares, because neither of those things tastes as good as a Tee-aco, which is how you pronounce Blake St newcomer T|ACO. Dwarfing its sibling eatery in Boulder, it has a sort of Spaghetti Western vibe with hardwood, classic movie posters, and cowboy scenes on the walls, and three shelves' worth of tequilas behind the bar.A section on the menu titled "Before Tacos" (aka the worst epoch in human history) contains standard housemade chips/ fresh guac, multiple varieties of salsa (habanero, salsa chipotle), Mexican pizzas topped with Oaxaca/ cheddar, and carnitas/ steak/ chicken, and the more exotic red snapper ceviche or lamb leg sope with cucumber yogurt sauce. The main events are stuffed with everything from seaworthy fare like Mezcal-marinated shrimp & seared ahi, to land lard like a skirt steak with poblano rojas/ crema & queso cotija, chicken mole, and the red onion/ salsa verde/ cilantro Lengua, which really should be considered a French dish considering there'll be another tongue in your mouth.And the enormous tequila selection isn't messing around either, stocking bottles from Olmeca Altos, Artá, and 1800, aka the number of times that song says the word "tomay-to".