Food & Drink

The most delicious carbo load ever

When the folks behind Larimer Sq standout TAG realized the US Pro Cycling race would be speeding by their front door on Sun, they decided to open up brunch for the first time ever, creating an inventive menu to delight the bike-fan masses, and restore mass to anyone foolish enough to actually bike themselves. Feast your eye-buds on some of the best:TAG Bené: Their spin on the benedict means sliding a crab cake/ roasted tomato atop an egg and drowning it in a lobster sambal hollandaise, so it's clearly not a Jewish hollandaise.Pig 'n Cheese Melt: Roasted porchetta, aged gruyere, caramelized soup onions, and market greens between two slabs o' rye? All in favor say... rye.Loco Moco: They's gone and upscaled a classic Hawaiian dish, combining meatloaf, sushi rice, kimchi, two eggs up, and soy mushroom gravy. Fun fact: the dish's name means "crazy mucous" in Spanish -- seriously, that snot a lie. All in favor of that pun say rye?Hangover Cure: Here it is. Two eggs any style. Lamb sausage. Papas. And? An ice-cold can of Olympia. Order it without the beer and they'll (seriously) charge you an extra buck, though if you're doing that, you're really the Larimer Square.