Food & Drink

Eat/drink all day/night on Larimer Sq

You could spend forever trying to find quality food at restaurants open 24/7 -- no, like literally, they'd never be able to kick you out. But they have bad food is the point, which is why you should be thankful Tom's is here, and doesn't

From the Smashburger folks, it sports retro touches like enormous, colorful booths and coin tiling, plus "hand-crafted modern comfort food" sourced from 30+ CO food-makers/ farmers for every meal of the day

Breakfast goes 5-11a with huge plates like the barbacoa LoDo Breakfast Burrito, pumpkin spice pancakes, and an eggs benedict topped with avocado/ bacon/ seasonal greens called the Treehugger, though a more accurate name would be A Treehugging Pig Destroyer

Lunch is the meal that comes after breakfast, and rolls 11a-4p. Highlights include curious/awesome carnitas pho, artisan pizzas like duck/ hoisin/ mozz, buffalo chicken tacos, and the "Rick's Reuben" with house-roasted corned beef

Dinner comes next (they're switching things up), running 4-10p, and adding shrimp mac 'n cheese, a half-pound Angus beef meatloaf with candied ketchup glaze, and the hand-matzo breaded half-chicken/ green chile chicken gravy "Fried Chickenlooper", which sounds like a mind-blowing sci-fi movie where chickens are sent back in time to be eaten by you at Tom's

Late-Night apparently starts at 10p and ends at 5a, and is where things get really devious. Walnut/ bacon bourbon caramel corn or truffle deviled eggs, for example, get washed down by 11 taps (Anchor Steam, Ska Brewing...), or 'tails like the whiskey/ red wine/ OJ/ Coors Light "WTF", aka what people say to themselves after looking at the menus of most other late-night spots.