Extremely personal personal pizzas

Even before Domino's promised a pie at your door in 30 minutes or less, pizza and speed have been inextricably linked -- just ask anyone eating a slice if they're interested in seconds! For a new pizza place that only needs 90 of them, check out Toppings.LoDo's fastest fast-casual spot, 48-seat Toppings stuffed a late 19th-century building with the newest in pizza technology: a special oven that will cook your totally custom personal pie in just a minute and a half using infrared and radiant heat, as using Body Heat would just taste of Kathleen Turner and William Hurt's smoldering sexual chemistry. Like any good list of options or demonic possession, there's enough to make your head spin: three crusts (like rustic artisan or ultra-thin), five sauces (from original, to olive oil, to hot), a handful of cheeses (mozz, provolone, cheddar, feta), and 40 toppings including herbs (basil, rosemary, etc.), veggies, and meats like Canadian bacon and meatballs. For pre-sets, there's everything from the fairly standard BBQ Chicken (w/ mozz/ red onions/ cilantro) and the Carnivore piled high with all seven meats, to the fairly bizarre Clam Chowder, which tops a soup base with Frank's Red Hot and bacon bits.If you're all 'za-ed out they've got hot dogs with a variety of add-ons (chili, guac, sun-dried tomato), and a smattering of sammies including a turkey/bacon called The Cobb, though no promises that waiting for it won't Ty you up for more than 90 seconds.