Ultra-meaty sandwiches in Cap Hill

Finding a chef who's had his eats on both The Best Thing I Ever Ate and Food Paradise is extremely rare, and not just because all that time filming food shows exposes them to harmful radiation put off by Guy Fieri's frosted tips. For eats from a somehow still-living chef with stellar TV credits, check out Drew's Denver Deli. After the success and media attention from Jimmy & Drew's Deli in the People's Republic, CIA-trained Drew's now conquering Mile High with a more focused sandwich shop that serves up "hungry man meals" and has transformed the former Spicy Pickle into an intimate, warmly-colored 32-seater with cozy booths. Among the sammies featured on the small screen, there's Jimmy's Favorite with corned beef/Swiss/1000 Island/sauerkraut piled between two potato latkes, a hot ham/bacon/salami/cheddar/Sriracha mayo concoction called Hambone, and a hot-shaved corned beef & pastrami/cole slaw/Russian/homemade fries joint called The Spudnik -- in Russia, sandwich eats you! (As opposed to here, where sandwich just slowly kills you). Less famous meatwiches include the beef brisket/BBQ/giardiniera Southern Brother, Italian favorite the Dilly Capone with salami/ capicola/ mortadella/ red wine vinaigrette, and a hot shaved pastrami/ turkey/ Muenster on pressed rye called the Bubbie, which is Yiddish for a solitary breast grandma. Rounding out the menu are a full complement of salads, a bizarre/ delicious-sounding falafel reuben, and exotic sandwiches like liverwurst bolstering a selection of classic subs -- not to be confused with nuclear subs, which're powered by Guy's hair.