Dim sum + some pong

Asian food and ping pong are clearly an attractive combination -- just look how many people it got to live in China! And while that logic is clearly wrong, 1.3 billion Chinese people can't be, so get over to Ace

A behemoth Uptowner from the Steuben's/ Vesta Dipping Grill folks, Ace serves "Asian eclectic" cuisine on regular tables while you serve (... and even volley!) on eight ping pong ones -- there's even outdoor tables on a 3000sqft patio, and the bar's made from a chopped-up 40ft shipping container. Don't call the food fusion: it's really a collection of straight-up dishes from different countries in the Far East, meaning dim sum and tender bao buns (chicken thigh, braised short rib) from China, and like a college dorm room in the '70s, a variety of hot plates, like Korean BBQ short ribs, and lemongrass sausage. Sign up with their dedicated ping pong host (meaning she's always there to sign people up... she's not weirdly devoted to ping pong or anything) and it's just $10/hour to play on one of their Killerspin pro tables -- get good/weird enough, and you can even buy your own paddle at their on-site pro-shop

Should table tennis get you all sweaty, you're doing it wrong -- think about economy of movement cool down with six taps including an Ace Ale brewed by Mountain Sun, or specialty 'tails like the Landy VS Cognac/ oolong tea syrup/ bitters Year of the Dragon... or just drink the beer and the cocktail, and enjoy a combination that'll make everything attractive.