The legendary food cart's first brick & mortar

Sometimes, becoming a street legend leads to making it off said streets, like Skip To My Lou finally getting signed to the Bucks, despite Tha Professor being the one people actually dropped them to see. For a legend of Denver street food finally getting his own digs: Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs.A mobile food mainstay since the fall of '05, former repo-man and No Reservations-featuree Biker Jim is just now opening a garage door-accessed, 61-seat dog dojo with an open kitchen (to bring the street food feeling inside) allowing for a slew of uber-creative new eats via a deep fryer, which's also what you call Tuck when he starts going on about the socio-political implications of him stealing from the rich. Bolstering his already-stocked lineup of standbys (from Alaskan reindeer, to wild boar) are eight insane new dogs like the Weiner Wellington, a rib eye steak brat w/ mushroom duxelle wrapped in puff pastry and topped w/ Bordelaise; a Rattlesnake and Pheasant Dog covered in harissa-roasted cactus/ Malaysian curry jam/ scallions/ cilantro/ onions two ways; and a bacon brat w/ tomato cream cheese/ avocado foam/ caramelized onions dubbed The Bat Dog, also a little known, but more realistic, prequel to Air Bud where the dog just fetches players their equipment. If you prefer your exotic meats in patty form, there's a flight of goose, duck, and pheasant sliders (with toppings like a cherry/cranberry balsamic reduction and fried scallion garnish), a garlic aioli/ seared poblanos/ fried green tomatoes/ basted egg ostrich burger called The Dirty Bird, and a yak burger stuffed with bacon, red onion marmalade & Stilton Blue cheese called The High Mountain, meaning it must've smoked some K2.Since amazing brats deserve amazing brews, Jim's also stocking 14 super-strong suds, from Avery's White Rascal to rotating Great Divides -- just don't try them all at once, lest your dribbling gets you kicked back onto the streets.