Prepare to give all other Italian joints The Boot

Getting an entire continent named after you is an honor bestowed on only a select few, like Amerigo Vespucci, and the '80s band Asia. But getting a continent and a restaurant named after you? Probably only Amerigo, who, if he hadn't been dead for 600yrs, would totally approve of Amerigo Delicatus Restaurant & Market. An intimate 20-seater, the space shifts from a grab-n-go sammy/ Italian food market during the day to a sit-downer at night, and was built from the ground up by a chef/ co-owner who single-handedly welded scrap steel for the tables & chairs

The deli case is stocked with house-cured mozzarella & meats, but there's also pre-made fast-breakers like buttermilk donuts with chocolate ganache, and the pulled pork/ fried egg Porky, plus lunch sammies like a Caprese, a meatball, and one stuffed with seared beef shoulder red wine, presumably inspired by the reggae lyrics "Red, red wine... stay close to beef..." by UB 40lbs Heavier. Or, stop by for dinner and enjoy goodness like braised pork cheeks with gnocchi, a house-cured bacon/ rapini chicken pappardelle, and goat ricotta/ chanterelle "Crespelle", which are like Italy's version of crepes, just obviously using a different spelle-ing

Pair the meal with booze like extremely Italian cans of Imperial from Costa Rica and Ireland's Murphy's, and then finish things off with panna cotta, Marcona almond cookies, and a dark chocolate ganache cannoli -- a trio so tempting, they could really name any price.