A case of awesomeness on Colfax

It's great to see someone expanding on their grandparent's work -- just consider Paris, whose enthusiasm in hotel rooms made one go viral. Drippingly viral. For another person using meat tubes to expand what his grandfather started, check out The Uber Sausage.Run by a dude intent on bringing Denver creative sausages inspired by his Swiss grandpa, Uber plates organic brats (fantastically dressed up with flavors from "European street food") inside a 41-seat, "primarily takeout" joint lorded over by a white cow head and an antique Swiss cowbell, which presumably unfolds to offer the user any number of blades, tweezers, and other implements which can be used to strike a cowbell. The worldly wurst includes free-range veal or pork Swiss sausage with sprouts/ spicy mustard/ "family secret" herbs & spices; a smoked & charred kielbasa with homemade BBQ sauce and apple slaw; and a bacon-wrapped bison dog topped with mango pico de gallo, crema fresca, mustard, and ketchup called the T.J. Style Hot Dog, which makes sense, as it is the host of Fresh Meat. Inventively styled Americans include a chicken-apple sausage under grilled apple/ caramelized onions/ watercress/ crumbled blue cheese spread/ spicy mustard; a Southwestern Buffalo brat smothered with chokecherry chipotle, queso fresco & mixed cabbage; and a more classically topped (onions, pickles, neon relish) link of Chicago-style bison, though real Street Fighter fans will be quick to point out that M's actually from the fictional Southeast Asian nation of Shadaloo...not Chicago.As man can't survive on bison dog alone, everything can be bolstered via homemade chips ready to be sprinkled with Creole, Cajun, and/or pumpkin pie spice from a topping station where you're encouraged to "do it yourself", something Paris hasn't had to resort to in a hotel, or anywhere else ever.