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Cherry Creek gets Mexican food straight from the source

Mexican food has been bastardized in the US for years, much to the dismay of actual Mexicans, who believe they long ago made crunch wraps supreme. For authentic Mexican done right: Machete.

A deep red 100-seater with a huge patio, Machete's chef'd by a Mexico-born head honcho intent on showcasing "street style food from South Mexico City", with a dedication to authenticity evidenced by serving only salsas shipped from home by his family, as apparently Americans just won't keep Pace. Kick off the meal with deep-fried avocados before feasting on three different types of street tacos (on handmade corn tortillas), like pibil (Yucatan-style BBQ pork butt), pastor, or arrachera (steak); plus, there're juaca cheese "street quesadillas" filled with everything from papas con chorizo, to chicken tinga, to a cactus called nopal, which is also how you'd normally respond if your buddy asked "do you want to eat a cactus?". Tequila's taken similarly seriously (their 70+ bottle collections include the likes of the rare Asom Broso, and the organic Republic), and they've established a private membership bottle service with only 100 spots, giving people the honor of locking their bottles inside a 10'x7' cage; those plunking down the $300 minimum can allow their friends to drink from their bottle even when they're not at the restaurant, and will enjoy unlimited free mixers, which you'll be the most popular guy at, now that you're swimming in tequila.

For those trying to worm out of drinking their stuff straight, they've got specialty margs like the jalapeno/ cilantro-infused Spicy Ricorita, a tequila mojito called the Mojitorita, and a self-explanatory Gingerita -- try them all, and just like Taco Bell, you'll be incapable of offering anyone beef.