Eat and drink like Louisianans

Yell "Who dat?!" in Cherry Creek and the answer is usually, "a cougar in a Mercedes", or "Officer help, this crazy, probably poor person is approaching my Mercedes". Now though, it's also "George Gastl", who's opening The Big Easy Creole Kitchen after spending years cheffing in the actual Big Easy.With purple-backlit fleurs-de-lis on the walls, the upscale eatery serves French-influenced Louisianan larder that starts with apps like jumbo lump blue crab cakes, sweetbreads atop a rich crawfish ragout, and a house specialty turtle soup (guess slow and steady doesn't win the race against people hunting you, huh?!), all of which'll pair well with Bayou beers like Dixie Lager, Blackened Voodoo, and five different Abitas. Then get big easily by downing serious entrees including a Creole-seasoned CO beef filet cooked in a merlot veal reduction with bone marrow, crusted red snapper with braised collards in a Creole tomato sauce, or a plate shared by grilled pork tenderloin and crispy pork belly called the Cochon Duo.For cocktails, they've got Bourbon Street favorites like Sazeracs, Hurricanes, and absinthe frappes, and have also developed their own concoctions like the macadamia nut liqueur/ Breck whisky/ egg white Cure-All, also what Cherry Creek residents ask from their doctor after coming into contact with common street people. They carry disease, you know.