Over-the-top burgers and beer in Congress Park

The owners of Madison Street finally decided to just give the people what they want, and since they couldn't figure out a good business model for serving movies where Kevin James falls down, they opened Tag Burger Bar at Madison Street.After realizing that 80% of his sales were patties, prolific chef/ co-owner Troy Guard has scrapped the old menu for one loaded with crazily inventive burgers & sides (as well as 20+ beers on tap), all served in an overhauled space with a more industrial vibe thanks to huge blackboards and graffiti'd walls -- so yeah, it got TAG'd. Side out with BBQ beef brisket nachos, mac 'n cheese insanely topped with Cheez-Its & Goldfish, duck fat fries smothered in Cheez Whiz/pico de gallo, and deep-fried Kirby pickles that taste so good you'll think you died and went to Dream Land. When it's time to burger down, first choose among Gold Canyon Angus beef/ bison/ CO lamb/ turkey, then rock out with one of 15 insane signatures like the green chile/ goat cheese "CO Proud", the over-the-top pork belly/ fried egg/ bone marrow salt/ crispy chicken skin "Andrew Jackson", the "Godzilla" with teriyaki sauce/ tempura flakes/ shiitake, or the Gruyere/ "French onion soup onions"/ Grey Poupon "Menage A Trois", possibly named because after eating it, your arteries are screwed.The beers mostly come with suggested burger pairings, and run from killer out-of-towners like Russian River, to locals like Left Hand's 400lb Monkey... so apparently they did find a way to serve Kevin James?