High-end Low Country

Low Country isn't just what happens when Scotty McCreery whips out his surprisingly lustrous baritone -- it's also the coastal region of South Carolina home to a distinct and delicious subgenre of Southern food, all of which you should go try at Platt Park's Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two.The 120-seater's set off by a massive, multi-level patio dotted with colorful tables and umbrellas in Broncos orange (hopefully an omen of how Peyton's going to make it rain), the perfect place to enjoy a seafood-heavy menu full of Cajun/ Caribbean/ African flavors, including starters like blue PEI mussels/ andouille sausage steamed in Great Divide IPA and corn & sweet lump crab beignets. For larger plates, the classic Low Country shrimp & grits is smothered in regional pepper sauce and should get the job done, but there's also rainbow trout awesomely wrapped in bacon and more-awesomely stuffed with scallops & shrimp; or get meaty with a beef/ venison patty topped with Gruyere, served on a brioche bun, and called the 1472 Burger, which insiders will tell you is actually a nod to its calorie count, not the restaurant's name.Wash it all down with a sangria that has very little to do with South Carolina, but is muy fresh and sweetened with actual sugarcane, then sprawl out on that patio and experience the joy of being American Idle.