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Hit this caffeine cafe

The only way to make any sense out of the name Black Eye Coffee Shop is that it'll somehow smack you in the face with how good-looking it is. The java temple's housed in an old theater that's now got a clean, industrial look, but awesomely employs ancient movie theater seats, meaning upcoming blockbusters won't be the only things getting buzz (...zing!)

They aim to separate themselves from the masses of Mile High cafes by serving up a focused, limited menu of black gold meticulously prepped by a Novo Coffee alum, who'll pour Boulder's uber-popular Boxcar Coffee (chosen partially because they've figured out an ideal way to brew at a high altitude), in addition to guest beaners like Brewers Cup award-winners Ceremony Coffee. There's also pourover deliciousness out of their aesthetically pleasing Beehouse Dripper, and espresso from a coffee-nerd approved Synesso machine, which'll aid in the creation of cortados, cappuccinos, vanilla/ mocha lattes, and macchiatos, though drinking them in public could lead to being mocked-a-lot-o

Like food? Well, they've also got some of that! Namely, savory croissants & other French pastries from Trompeau Bakery, and sugary vegan goodness from the folks at Beet Box, who, what with all the beeting and boxing, shouldn't be so hard to imagine existing at Black Eye

Photos by Sara Ford